Cost saving

The TPMM is an hi-tech machine that will enable its users to improve considerably the efficiency of their operations and also the image of their companies by testifying their efforts towards innovation.

This will entail a reduction in fixed and variable costs of the process, while increasing the competitiveness of the companies that employ this technology.

Also, by considerably reducing cycle-times, the lead-times will be shortened and the pre-mounting process won’t be a bottle neck for the entire process anymore.

In line with the expectations of this particular post-crisis moment, whereby investments should payback in a shorter time, it is calculated that the TPMM machine payback period may vary between 2 and 3 years, depending on the volume and nature of the material to be printed.

Variables involved

Manual operations:

  • Days/year spent for the manual measuring of the sleeve including handling
  • Sleeves mounted per hour (plate and tape demounting) including handling
  • Sleeve mounted per hour (only tape mounting) including handling
  • Sleeve mounted per hour (only plated mounting) including handling
  • Sleeve mounting check per hour (plate code control respect to the order)


  • Machines downtime reduction per year for wrong mounting
  • Hourly cost of the printing machine
  • Average No. of empty sleeves stocked with tape
  • Plate mounting faults  (wrong colour codes / wrong alignment) - damage caused to customers by defective prints


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