TPMM Project


The idea

Usually printers use different machinery to perform the various pre-mounting operations. On the basis of this, BiesSse has designed and developed a compact innovative solution.

The intent was to combine in just one thoroughly automatic machine all those activities that normally are conducted manually by avoiding to handle repeatedly the sleeves and plates during the same process.

The project

Our aim was to develop a compact automatic machine capable of conducting the following operations:

  • Sleeves measurement
  • Liner removal and tape cutting
  • Tape mounting
  • Plate mounting
  • Final inspection

Preliminary studies

We collected information and materials from some of the most expert customers and stakeholders, such as:

  • Sleeves and plates
  • Minimum and maximum possible sizes
  • Cost of employee
  • Cycle time
  • Target objectives of interest

The team

A group of engineers and technicians worked for three years on the design, development and construction of a machine with the aim of innovating the pre-print process.

Investigations, studies, testing and prototyping have been conducted in close partnership with major experts in the printing industry.

The patent

Any innovation project introduced on the market is subject to the risk of being copied by competition less active in R&D activities.

The TPMM is the first compact machine on the market capable of measuring a sleeve and automatically apply the double-sided adhesive tapes and the plates.

For this reason the TPMM is patent pending for the protection of BiesSse know-how.

Target objectives

  • Reduce the cycle time to perform the complete application of the tape by 4 times
  • Reduce the number of operators from 4 to just 1 (with the same number of mounted sleeve)
  • Improve mounting precision
  • Guarantee mounting repeatability
  • Avoid air bubbles and plate streaks due to bad mounting mistakes
  • Avoid bad mounting mistakes